Contemplating being insubordinate?

Bit of a contradiction here, no? Being unruly, whilst being calm: doesn’t sound like a viable combination of moods, does it? How can you think or meditate deeply, or be especially mindful at the same time as being disruptive, obstreperous or disrespectful? One seems to rule out the other, doesn’t it, when we’re usually pretty obedient in carrying out orders, following rules, and respecting authority? Our thinking deeply, our private contemplations, usually involve us in fixing ourselves within the general order of things, of staying on the tracks.

I have to qualify the ‘our’ and the ‘we’ in that last sentence by acknowledging my own WEIRD origins: I come from, and live in, a western, educated, industrial, rich, developed society, and by the standards of those WEIRD origins I am obedient; I do follow rules, and I do, generally, respect authority. But I also contemplate things, not least of which is our weird, and frankly, uncanny existence beneath the usual order of things; like where you look at you own face in the mirror for too long, or dwell on the faces of those dearest to us, and wonder. Awe is a wonderful thing.

INSUBORDINATE CONTEMPLATION is the action of carrying out deeper thought about the orders we routinely execute.

Insubordinate: disobedient to orders. Contemplation: attentive consideration, meditation, or study.

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