The paradox on prominent display in the compound term executive education is that between commerce and the humanities; between the progressive goals of business and the equally progressive values of the liberal arts. In which case, executive education embodies a paradox of values. On the one hand, represented by “executive,” is the dominant neoliberal ideology in… Continue reading Formation

Thoughtful Indiscipline

This genteel blog can hardly lay claim to wanton rowdiness itself, let alone to inciting riotousness in its readers. Real insubordination, so the assumption goes, is hunkering down behind the barricades, Molotov cocktail in mid-arc, with your sweat-drenched balaclava steaming in the flickering orange light of another a smoke filled vigil. The idea of insubordination seems… Continue reading Thoughtful Indiscipline

Uncanonical Mannerism

This allegory painting of Agnolo Bronzino’s, Venus, Cupid, Time and Folly, of 1545 (National Gallery, London), is in the so-called maniera style, which we know, courtesy of relatively contemporary art history, as mannerism. Maniera means ‘style’, and what’s on show in Bronzino’s picture, along with other mannerist paintings – and mannerist architecture, literature, and music for… Continue reading Uncanonical Mannerism